Monday, July 28, 2014

Elegant Day

It is such a wonderful day for date out! I am so happy that my husband has more free time and we can out and have fun together! Since we did not celebrate our anniversary, we moved it to this week and I choose to wear for our dinner a stunning dress by Onfancy. And magnificent earrings by Kristin Perry is the best accessory for occasions like that. Have a great Monday guys!
Dress/Onfancy    Bag/Frontrowshop    Earring/Kristin Perry

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Modern hippie

Hello, my sweeties! I hope you have a great Sunday like me! This time I decided to do something new, a style I did not wear before. A wonderful chain headpiece by Kristin Perry inspired me to create a modern hippie style. The floral printed dress by Yigelila was a perfect choice for an elegant and feminine outfit. Since it is so sunny outside, I can not leave the house without my cool shades by Wholesale Celebshades. Also we made a short video for you guys. I am not sure yet if I want to have a youtube channel, but I would love to share short videos sometimes. Let me know what you think ;)

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Dress/ Yigelila  Headpiece/Kristin Perry  Coat/Stylenanda
 Sunglasses/Wholesale Celebshades   Boots/Younghungryfree

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Orange revolt

Hi, guys! How is your Saturday? I'm quite busy, because some of our furniture came from Korea, and we are trying to organize everything. But yesterday, I and my husband had a small date. We decided to visit Korean restaurant. Since we moved to US, I really miss Korea.

I choose to wear something colorful and summerish. Vivid orange pants (Frontrowshop) in combination with orange sliders (Asos) and top (Yigelila) look outstanding, to complete this outfit I added amazing clutch by Clic Jewels ( it is a handmade bag brand from Greece), cool mirrored Aviators by Wholesale Celebshades (they offer a big variation of sunglasses in your taste in lower price) and beautiful earrings by Kristin Perry ( designed jewelry brand from LA).

My husband falls in love again. Hehe

 Glasses/ Wholesale Celebshades      Earrings/ Kristin Perry        Bag/Clic Jewels
Pants/Frontrowshop      Top/Yigelila       Sliders/Asos